​​1.    Fees are due at the time that services are rendered. Usually fees can be paid by personal cheque, cash, Visa, MasterCard or debit card, however some professionals may not accept credit or debit cards and an extra fee may be charged for use of corporate/business credit cards. Please speak to the professional involved regarding specific billing arrangements. Receipts are issued at the time of payment.

2.    Under certain circumstances, we are willing to consider alternative arrangements for payment. Please speak to the professional involved if you wish to discuss post-dated cheques, cash payments, installments or other alternatives.

3.    A fee may be charged for a cheque returned for any reason.

4.    A charge may be applied if appointments are missed or cancelled with less than 24 hours notice. Please speak to the professional involved regarding their fee policy. Insurance companies typically do not cover fees for missed appointments.

5.    The process of obtaining reimbursement from third party insurance companies is the responsibility of the client, although we are very willing to share our experience of the process. Please note that most insurance companies do not cover the whole cost and that the proportion covered varies considerably from one company to another.

6.    Please be sure that you check the following with your insurance company or human resources department:
    a.    That the psychological services are covered by the policy
    b.    Whether all members of the family are covered
    c.    Whether the policy pays a set amount per visit or a proportion of the fee per visit or a total amount regardless of the number of sessions
    d.    The time period covered by the policy (e.g. a certain amount per calendar year, a fixed number of sessions etc.)
    e.    Whether the session length is specified (e.g. per half hour, per unit, per hour etc.)
    f.    Whether your policy requires a physician's referral. If so, the company will require a copy to be submitted with your claim
    g.    Whether the company requires submission of the bill or the receipt.

7.    If a number of different members of the same family are seen, it is often possible to bill to each individual in turn, thus maximizing the insurance coverage. The written referral will need to reflect this - for example "Please see (client's name) and parents...".

 8.    Most insurance companies accept and reimburse based on our formal receipts. However, upon specific request, an itemized statement can be provided. Please let us know if such a statement is required.


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